To assist all children to make safer journeys.


Road safety is a shared responsibility between the school, the parents/caregivers, the children, territorial authorities, the NZ Transport Agency, and the NZ Police.

The purpose of road safety education is to eliminate death or injury to children on or around roads. Road safety education is a lifelong process that is developmental as people gain independence.

The NZ Transport Agency has created this road and rail safety website for teachers to use each year as part of their local school curriculum.  This website provides curriculum content and supporting information to generate positive and informed behaviour change.

Work has been informed by the NZ Curriculum document and also SDERA road safety practice in Western Australia.

For new entrant children, road safety procedures include but are not limited to:

• Safe road crossing
• Use of walkways
• Safe practices in and around buses and other vehicles
• Cycling (year 5+).

For students in years 3-8 the focus on inquiry is into road safety practices. As a result of these inquiries we hope children can demonstrate responsibility for their own safety around roads and rail and seek to influence the road and rail environment to ensure safer journeys for themselves around the community.

The website also provides information for adults in the school communities who will be encouraged to model and reinforce good road and rail safety practices.