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YouthHealth2011 YouthHealth2011

Great! RT @dougsky The single largest youthled social movemt @JanOwenAM at @TEDxMelbourne cc @ausyouth #AYAC2011

NZTAeducation NZTA Education NZTA MOVIE ENTRY form Ist: 2 schs each win a $1500 Noel Leemg Voucher 2nd: 10 schs each win a $500 Noel Leemg Voucher

bestads Bestads

New ad: Don't bail out just yet

everybodywalk Every Body Walk

We know exercise can decrease Alzheimers symptoms. Now we're researching the link btw exercise & cognition even further

stephenheppell stephenheppell

anyone else looking for an incentive to diet: here's mine The SDERA ( Western Au) Principles of Road Safety Education provide a framework of core concepts &values for schools

nzta_news NZTA News

New tools to help parents battle the biggest killer of NZ teens

NZTAeducation NZTA Education

NZTAeducation NZTA Education

A Beautiful Video Trip to Saturn By Alexis Madrigal thanks @wiredscience

exerciseworks Exercise Works! Benefits to patients of walking to health! @BritNordicWalk @healthywalks @everybodywalk @DiabetesUK

BikePortland Jonathan Maus

New on Front Page: Massive, inspiring school bike train this morning in North Portland

NZTAeducation NZTA Education

A toolkit for parents of teen drivers

NZTAeducation NZTA Education

NZTA pedestrian student inquiry " Design a backpack tourists. can hire for the day & then return after their walk."

annekenn Anne

Lots of fond memories from my childhood from a walk in the Oamaru gardens...

NZTAeducation NZTA Education

Ideas 4 teachers & students from the PE Big Event resources ie a TV series following smart travel 2 &from a BIG Event

NZTAeducation NZTA Education

Nutrition and Physical Activity Links New Zealand

BikePortland Jonathan Maus

Page Two: US DOT Secretary will bike to work with employees Monday

copenhagenize Mikael

RT @KatsDekker @kim_harding @WestfieldWander What would be great is a "conference" like our Cycle Chic bloggers conf, but for Twyclists.

WiredUK Wired UK

Project Icarus could harvest gas from Uranus by @DuncanGeere

everybodywalk Every Body Walk

The brain doesn't distinguish between walking while you shop & walking on a treadmill. Everything counts as exercise.

NewUrbanism NewUrbanism

Traffic calming examples are found all over in Madison, including horses. -Jeramey Jannene-

WiredUK Wired UK

Martin jetpack climbs to 1.5km, deploys explosive parachute by @DuncanGeere

nzta_news NZTA News

New shortened detour opens along SH30 at Awakeri


How bicycles are fighting illiteracy and empowering women in India


A bicycle in Africa means access #africa #bikes

NZTAeducation NZTA Education

Many schools r using the videos & info sheets abt safe school travel 4 parents &caregivers as part of their help links

UrbanOmnibus Urban Omnibus

City of Systems: Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Icon of civil engineering and catalyst for systemic urban change.

NZTAeducation NZTA Education

Metro Vancouver Canada 2011 Walk21 Conf.,Oct 3-5. the best possible environments where people choose 2walk.

everybodywalk Every Body Walk

Insulin injections or a walk? These two St. Louis women opted for the latter!

kirstinbutler Kirstin Butler

RT @blprnt: Jane Jacobs' amazing book 'The Death and Life of Great American Cities' is 50 years old - (via @ounodesign)

kirstinbutler Kirstin Butler

Incredible 3-D map of the universe, 10 years in the making, captures 43,000 galaxies

EthanZ Ethan Zuckerman

project lets you map cities in terms of how long it takes you to travel: via @ZFrabla

Brakecharity Brake charity

WHO | Global status report on road safety 2009

everybodywalk Every Body Walk

Quote of the day: "For observing nature, the best pace is a snail’s pace." - Edwin Way Teale,

NZTAeducation NZTA Education

Manhattanhenge Sunset on the Manhattan Grid thanks to @AurashKhawarzad and the Hayden Planetarium

BicycleFixation Rick Risemberg

Mexico City bikeshare system hugely popular, increases use of private bikes as well:

Walkonomics Walkonomist

With 2m new residents San Francisco will have to embrace #walkable dense #urbanism: (via @DonRichNet) #SFO

NZTAeducation NZTA Education

A pedestrian link between Green Island &Waldronville -Dunedin- welcomed as a first step 4 South coast communities

NZTAeducation NZTA Education

Transportation YOU= US Transport &WTS initiative 2 intro.transport careers in Sci,Tech,Engin &Maths (STEM)4 young women

NZTAeducation NZTA Education Wearing a bike helmet


Will we someday have robot chauffeurs? Here's an article about @Google 's driverless robot car via @sciam

NZTAeducation NZTA Education

Archaeologists digging into the Waikato's buried past – Waikato Times.

30 May NZTAeducation NZTA Education

P2P (peer-to-peer) Urbanism joins ideas from the open-source software movement together with new thinking

NZTAeducation NZTA Education

Evaluation & case studies about the UK Living Streets Video Project in Secondary Schools across the UK