Language has the power to shape and enrich lives. Road safety is a crucial sphere of action for teenagers. Lessons using these resources involve analysing or creating texts about making the right decisions.

New Zealand road safety advertisements encourage us to think of the other people on the roads around us, not just ourselves.

In this unit, students will undertake critical reading of advertisements in the context of their own actions around road safety in their community. Possible assessments include essays, blog posts and multimedia presentations.

Students explore how our actions, and those of others, in and around cars have consequences for all of us.

Students consider their own car journeys and create a persuasive text (visual,oral or written) to highlight the importance of making sensible decisions.

Internal assessment resource for: 

Achievement Standard 90052: Produce creative writing.

Students develop a piece of creative writing that presents one young person’s experience on the roads. Aim to highlight the way our actions on the roads can have positive or negative consequences on those around us. This is a Quality Assured Assessment Material certified by the NZQA.

Internal assessment resource for:

Achievement Standard 91107: Analyse aspects of visual and/or oral text(s) through close viewing and/or listening, supported by evidence.

Students analyse aspects of a short oral or visual text designed to educate young people about keeping themselves, their peers and family safe in cars. This is a Quality Assured Assessment Material certified by the NZQA.