Top articles on road safety education

Here is a selection of articles about road safety education in New Zealand. These were published in magazines and journals aimed at professionals in the school sector.

Principals, teachers and road safety professionals will find practical ideas and an overview of how road safety education supports the day-to-day work of schools.

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Learning to be wise with your bike

Published: November 2014 Where: NZ Interface Magazine 

You can support students to become involved in cycling at school by checking out resources at the Bike Wise ‘10 for Teachers’. It’s full of activities that will engage students and help them discover why people cycle, as well as learn about safe cycling equipment and practices. Article includes:

  • links to the design history of bicycles
  • information on Go by Bike Day 2015
  • guide to running a big bike tune up at school 

Poetry in safer motion

Published: October 2014 Where: NZ Interface Magazine 

New Zealand primary curriculum resourceOn the streets and in the classroom, students now have an opportunity to become knowledge producers, with safer travel in their sights. Wayne Erb reviews ‘Everyone is a road user’, a new curriculum resource from the NZ Transport Agency for years 1-8. Article includes:

  • Insights by Pam Hook into being a knowledge-producing school
  • Highlights of the new curriculum resource 

Authentic learning trumps fear tactics

Published: May 2014 Where: Education Review series

Mary ChamberlainInnovative secondary teachers are using road safety as an authentic context for young people to apply curriculum learning, writes Mary Chamberlain, an independent education consultant with extensive leadership experience in curriculum development. Article includes:

  • Practical insights into what does and does not work in terms of road safety education in schools
  • Examples of New Zealand secondary teachers integrating safe travel contexts into the curriculum
  • How teachers can map road safety against the citizenship education models of Joel Westheimer and Joseph Kahne. 

Digging deep for virtual learning

Published: February 2014 Where: NZ Interface Magazine 

Two virtual field trip programmes aim to get students involved with nationally important road projects – ‘Memorial Park’ and ‘Waterview Connection’. Both provide teachers a rage of activities and experiences that will deepen learning across the curriculum. Article includes:

  • Feedback from teachers about student learning connected to the field trips 

Making more legends

Published: May 2013   Where: NZ Education Gazette

Road safety education equips young people with the skills, attitudes and behaviours to contribute to a safe road system. New guidelines help schools assess what works for their students. Article includes:

  • Key questions to ask about road safety initiatives
  • What research says does and does not work in road safety education
  • How to make connections across a whole school approach. 

Competitions can help to motivate and measure

Published: May 2013   Where: NZ Interface Magazine

Tawa screenshot.In recent years, an increasing number of teachers used digital content competitions to enhance work being done in the classroom. Mix & Mash offers one such opportunity in 2013. Article includes:

  • Learning outcomes from the 2012 NZTA_Remix secondary student road safety competition
  • Details on the Best Safer Journeys Award in the Mix & Mash 2013 competition.

Road safety as a context for statistical inquiry

Published: January 2013   Where: Key Competencies on TKI

In this story, the teacher was keen for her year 10 students to experience a statistical inquiry which contributed to wider social outcomes in addition to the more immediate new mathematical knowledge being built. Article includes:

  • Steps students took during a statistical inquiry cycle using an NZTA curriculum resource
  • Reflections on effective pedagogy
  • Discussion starter on making meaning with students’ futures in mind. 

Teens on the road to deep learning

Published: October 2012   Where: NZ Education Gazette

Student artwork.Secondary teachers are using road safety as a relevant, values-rich context to hook learners into making sense of concepts from persuasive texts to physical forces. Article includes:

  • Curriculum case studies in Statistics, Visual Arts (design), English and Science
  • Examples of how NZTA curriculum resources can be used
  • Reflections by secondary teachers on how to engage students. 

Road safety as context for the secondary curriculum

Published: October 2012   Where: The New Zealand Curriculum Online

Tawa student workThese four full case studies show how secondary teachers created or trialled resources that use road safety ideas and action to add relevance and depth to learning areas. Article includes:

  • Teacher insights into lesson planning and curriculum design
  • Evidence of student outcomes
  • Examples from English, science, statistics and visual arts.

Published: October 2012   Where: NZ Interface Magazine

2012’s NZTA primary and secondary competitions reinforced claims about the value of collaborative e-learning in the classroom. Article includes:

  • Research findings on e-learning and student collaboration
  • Insights into the power of linking curriculum, road safety and ICT. 

Published: September 2012   Where: NZ Interface Magazine

Helen BaxterThis article gives examples of how secondary students could use road safety as a context when creating cutting edge digital stories. These examples retain their classroom relevance and could inspire Mix & Mash entries. By Helen Baxter, head of creative agency Mohawk Media. Article includes:

  • How to remix online videos
  • Interactive presentations that draw on open government data
  • Ideas for infographic posters.

Young thinkers tackle road risks

Published: February 2012   Where: NZ Education Gazette

Northcross student workHealth lessons get intermediate students thinking about road safety in relation to current events. Article includes:

  • Case study of authentic learning linked to achievement objectives in health and physical education
  • How teachers drew on NZTA Big Event curriculum resource and current events to create engaging lessons.

New Zealand Transport Agency case studies

Published: November 2011   Where: The New Zealand Curriculum Online

Onehunga student work.These case studies illustrate how three schools have explored road safety aligned with the New Zealand Curriculum and are intended for both primary and junior secondary students (years 9 and 10). Article includes:

  • Cross-curricular learning about how smart choices result in safe travel
  • Field trips that integrate earth science and safe travel
  • Health lessons that get students analysing current events.

Published: October 2011   Where: NZ Interface Magazine

Top 10 websites.Want to help students stay safe beyond the school gate? Here is a selection of websites to support learning about road safety at all ages. Article includes:

  • Descriptions of websites which teachers can use to support road safety as a curriculum context.

Learning as if your life depended on it

Published: July 2011   Where: Education Review – leadership edition

StrategyActs of leadership across society, including our schools, may make the difference in making our roads safer. Article includes:

  • Outline of the New Zealand road safety strategy and the safe system approach
  • Description of the whole-school approach to road safety
  • Examples of what road safety education means in practice.

Roads, research and radio

Published: June 2011   Where: NZ Interface Magazine

Waimairi student workThe three ‘Rs’ are redefined as students make documentaries on road safety for their school radio station. Article includes:

  • Year 5-6 students investigating driver behaviour on local streets
  • How they created radio documentaries based on their findings 
  • How teachers adapted Health and PE aspects from NZTA's Big Event curriculum resource.

Creating a classroom full of animated kids

Published: June 2011   Where: NZ Interface Magazine

With a dash of planning, you can help whole classes of young students become effective digital story-tellers. Article includes:

  • Examples of student work from NZTA competitions with safer journeys for students as the theme
  • Advice on how primary students can learn to make animations
  • How to keep a whole class involved in creating a strong message.