Jacqui Moynihan

Senior Constable Jacqui Moynihan 


“When it comes to people’s safety, we would rather be the fence at the top of the cliff.”


Keeping children safe during school travel is easier when it’s a shared responsibility. Look at how you can involve staff, parents, the local council and students themselves.

Police officers who work with schools are experts in road safety so they too can be involved in your school’s policy and procedures for safe travel. There are 120 officers working in schools around the country and prevention is an important goal, says Senior Constable Jacqui Moynihan. She’s based in Levin.

Jacqui says officers like herself work through a profile with each school to identify local needs and issues.

“We’re an asset and we need to see how we can help them.”

Jacqui helps classroom teachers deliver road safety education and advises school managers and boards on matters like creating a safe environment. It’s worth reviewing how the Police and other agencies are included in your school’s approach to road safety.

“We have the expertise and knowledge and we have the partnerships in the community so we know who to call on to help,” says Jacqui. These police officers will work with other people like roading engineers and road safety coordinators when needed.

She says her job is satisfying because it really does make a difference to young people. Police officers help them learn to be responsible and grow up safe.

“We want them to make good decisions and that goes from knowing how to safely cross a road through to keeping themselves safe at night.”