School community partnerships

Here are resources that can help everyone in the school community contribute towards safe road use. This includes parents and whānau, students, school staff, police, and local authorities.

  • Road Map - Road safety resources for school communities

    This Road Map directs schools and communities to road safety education resources relevant for each stage of a child’s development. Versions available for years 1-8 and secondary.

  • Info sheets: Hike it, Bike it

    A collection of leaflets describing the things you need to know to help teach your child about staying safe on roads, cycling, walking, taking the bus and near railways.

  • NZTA Education Newsletters

    Articles for New Zealand teachers include curriculum case studies, and news about resources and competitions. PDF files so you can read online or download.

  • Useful videos

    Point of view videos help students learn to identify hazards, discuss and role play safe practices, and watch models of safe pedestrian behaviour.

  • Scooter safety tips

    A SlideShare and PowerPoint presentation for families, caregivers and teachers. Describes key safety procedures to follow when riding a push scooter.

  • Wheels, cycling and skateboarding tips

    These slideshares provide tips on how young people, their families and teachers can travel safely to school.

  • School Travel Plans

    A safe school travel plan provides an opportunity for parents, caregivers, schools and the community to work together to improve safety. This booklet was updated in June 2011 and is published online only.

  • Walking School Bus Resources

    All the resources you need for setting up a Walking School Bus at your school.

  • Police School Community Officers

    Read interviews with School Community Officers. These are experienced police officers who work with whole school communities, to enhance community safety, including road safety.

  • Top articles on road safety education

    Articles about road safety education in New Zealand from magazines and journals aimed at school professionals. These include practical ideas and an overview of how road safety education supports the day-to-day work of schools.

  • All printable posters and resources (not curriculum plans)

    On this page, you can see all NZTA posters, charts and other printable resources. These include road and rail safety posters, Feet First resources and walking school bus resources.