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Websites related to youth and road safety education.

Safer Journeys

Safer Journeys is the government's strategy to guide improvements in road safety through to 2020. The strategy's vision is a safe road system increasingly free of death and serious injury and introduces the Safe System approach to New Zealand.

The Safe System recognises that people make mistakes and are vulnerable in a crash. It reduces the price paid for a mistake so crashes don't result in loss of life or limb. Mistakes are inevitable - deaths and serious injuries from road crashes are not. Includes the video "The difference between life and death".


Youth for Road Safety

This site is home for a global network of youth groups who campaign on road safety. There are some nifty resources – check out the surreal safety posters, for example, which make you take a second look at issues like speeding or driving with safety belts. Students groups in your school can join the network in order to share their stories and gain access to further news and resources. Drag and click on a world map to read about safety awareness projects happening overseas.

Right Car

This government website has tools to compare cars by safety performance and fuel economy. It's created for car buyers so is a handy resource for teenagers saving for their first purchase. You can download used car safety ratings which are based on police crash statistics from Australia and New Zealand. It's interesting to see which models gets five stars. A search and compare function makes for quick comparisons between similar cars. You can also get data on a car by entering its number plate.


Road Safety Advertising - NZTA

Part of the NZ Transport Agency website, this is a comprehensive collection of safety ads for print, radio and TV. All can be viewed or downloaded. It includes videos of current ads, such as 'Mistakes'. English and media studies classes can access background documents explaining why each ad campaign was created, what the intended message is and who makes up the target audience.

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An interactive website for teenagers to use when they have their learner licence. It's free to join. The website gives them a way to log their driving hours and it outlines a suggested order for learning practical driving skills. There are short video clips showing each skill, such as negotiating roundabouts or making a hill start. Young drivers also register their driving guide, such as a parent and send them requests for grading.

Safer Journeys for Teens 

Teen drivers is more likely to crash on their restricted than at any other time in their life. Their first 6-12 months of driving alone are the most risky. This section explains some key things parents, caregivers and whānau can do to stay involved and help keep them safe.



Think! Education

UK government site providing education resources for road safety professionals, teachers and parents. 

Vic Roads, Australia

To complement the core traffic safety education program for secondary schools, VicRoads and partners provide a wide range of enrichment resources and programs.


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