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Latest virtual field trip

Trip: Waterview Connection 4 - Cycleways and our transport networks

When: 27-29 June 2017. Term 2.

What: See how the Waterview Shared Path has been designed to maximise use and discover more about the role of cycleways in providing reliable and healthy ways to travel into the future.

Waterview Connection virtual field trips

Virtual tours

Virtual tours provide students and teachers with online learning resources about significant transport projects.

Illustrated articles and videos are provided as digital learning tools for classroom use across senior primary, middle years and early secondary schooling.

Teacher notes provide curriculum links.

Waikato Expressway

The Waikato Expressway will provide four-lane highway from Mercer to south of Cambridge. It is being constructed in stages and could be complete around 2020.

This virtual tour connects students with ideas around technological practice plus applied science and the environment.

Virtual field trips

Virtual field trips support school students to get involved with New Zealand’s nationally important road projects.
Learning resources remain online for ongoing classroom use.
Videos, photos, background reading pages and webconferences are included.

Recent trips

Waterview Connection 3: Ran in September 2016.

Students can see inside massive motorway tunnels and hear from the experts working on this project in Auckland.

Smart Motorways 2: Ran in early March  2016

Meet researchers and advertising creative teams working on road safety education programmes, engineers working on computer models of traffic flows, and hear some insights into the future of our roads.

These trips support the teaching of big ideas like national identity, transport, teamwork, heritage, community, citizenship, economic development and sustainability. They provide experiences that can deepen learning across the curriculum.

  • Waterview ConnectionUpdate

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    Virtual field trip ran Term 3 2016.

    Start date was September 13 2016. Check out this video showing Alice the Tunnel Boring Machine breaking out from the end of the second tunnel.

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  • Smart MotorwaysUpdate

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    Virtual field trip ran in early March 2016

    Above is a project video explaining the smart video. You can also access the full range of virtual field trip videos with engineers, researchers, advertising designers and other experts.

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