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tips and advice.

Latest advice and news

Below you will find the latest news, interviews, advice and tips to help with entries for the Future Transport Competition 2017.

Futureintech can support Future Transport students

March 24 2017. Students entering the Future Transport Competition could learn more about related careers via visits from professionals.

Expert interview: Connected cars and transport apps

March 20 2017. No-one knows precisely what the future of transport will be, but Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is an idea with promise. A talk with Martin McMullan, Innovation Lead at the NZ Transport Agency.

Teachers discuss Future Transport Competition

February 27 2017. The competition was planned by the NZ Transport Agency in conjunction with a teacher reference group. Here is some advice and insights.

Latest newsletter packed with competition advice

February 22 2017. Read the latest Education Portal newsletter, loaded with advice for teachers and students entering the Future Transport Competition.

Photovoice as basis for student investigations

February 13 2017. Photovoice could empower students creating entries in the Future Transport Competition. Here’s how it works.